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Financial Spread Betting involves speculating on whether the value of a market or a company's share price will rise or fall. An individual is not buying any shares, but betting on their movement, so traders can actually make money when prices drop. Profit or loss is decided by the placed stake multiplied by each point that the market has moved - so the amount you lose or gain is decided by the level of market movement.

Binary betting is a form of fixed odds betting that allows you to take a view on whether an event is going to happen or not. There are only two outcomes with a binary bet as an event either occurs (binary price settles at 100) or it does not (settles at 0).For example you could bet on whether the UK 100 will finish up or down. In this case you would be taking a view on whether the UK 100 would close higher, or lower, than yesterday's closing price.Just like a spread bet, you buy or sell for a certain amount per point depending on your view. You can also close a position before it expires to cut your losses or realise your profit.The key difference to spread betting is that you know your maximum upside and downside at the outset. Binary betting also has similar characteristics to Digital Options and Binary Options.

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  2005                  1 - 10%          0.8pip             £1            NO               £100                  YES                     YES                       NO
Spread Co is a leading global provider of spread trading, CFD and Forex trading on the world’s financial markets, offering tight spreads, a sophisticated, yet easy to use trading platform, a wide range of markets, competitive margin rates and 24 hour trading. Incentives and Bonuses available and no commissions.
The Spread Co trading platform is widely recognised as being intuitive, rich in functionality and skilfully designed, to put our clients in the very best position to make important trading decisions. Our clients have access to highly competitive, real time prices on a wide range of financial products and are able to participate freely in the exciting and rapidly evolving trading environment of the world´s financial markets

         2002               1 - 30%             1 - 4pips        £0.50p     NO                £100                  YES                      NO                     YES      
ETX Capital is a spread betting company based in the City of London. In addition to offering CFDs and Spread Bets on thousands of markets covering the world’s major indices, equities (share prices), commodities, options and FX markets. Our recently launched trading platform gives you access to the world's markets with minimum bet levels of 50 pence per point to maximum bet levels of £500 per point or more depending on the markets and type of service. ETX additionally offers free advanced charting packages, educational webinars and seminars. £300 CASH BACK OFFER, CLICK HERE


                3 - 15%               1pip             £1             NO              £100                    YES                    YES                    NO

Tradefair Spreads is home to one of the biggest UK based online financial spread betting platforms. Our simple platform allows customers to place spread bets on thousands of financial instruments safe in the knowledge that we offer some of the tightest spreads on one of the most reliable spread betting platforms.Spread Betting has many advantages over other forms of financial trading, partly due to the laws governing financial spread betting in the UK: it's tax free*; there are no broker fees and our customers pay no commission on their financial spread bets. At Tradefair Spreads we make no bones about the risks involved in financial spread betting; whilst a spread trader can make big profits very quickly it is equally possible for losses to swiftly occur. This is why we offer our clients a high degree of support and invaluable features such as automatic stop losses, 24 hour markets, spread betting guides, tutorials, chart pattern recognition software, an expert financial calendar and the ability to trade on margin. Furthermore, if you're not yet comfortable opening a real money account, we can offer you a no risk financial spread betting demo account.

  BINARY TRADING ONLY                                                 £100                                            YES
Trading binary options with Market Punter offers several benefits for traders: Defined risk and reward – The percentage return is known from the outset, as is what you stand to lose. Therefore, you can set and forget and do not need to worry about margin calls, placing stop losses or closely monitoring your positions. Easy to understand – Binary options are simpler to understand than other types of instruments since you only need a sense of direction, e.g. ‘Will the AUD/USD be up or down in an hour?’ and are not concerned with the magnitude of the move. High returns – A winning trade will receive the entire payoff (up to 75% of the investment amount), even if it was ‘right’ by a single tick since you are speculating simply on directional movement. Hedging – A binary option can be used to hedge open positions in other assets such as currencies, commodities and stocks. In this way, using binary options can minimise further losses elsewhere. Profit from flat markets – Because binary options have a high fixed payout, they offer opportunity even when markets are trading flat. Quick turnover – Binary contracts are issued around the clock, which constantly yields new opportunities. Commission free – There are no brokerage fees or commissions.

                   1 - 20%                  1pip            $1             NO                £100                    YES                   YES                   YES          AvaFX is dedicated to providing the FX trader with an online forex trading platform, with no compromise on integrity and fairness. Our state-of-the-art forex trading platform AvaTrader, is easy enough to be used by novice traders and yet it provides even the most sophisticated trader with all the necessary tools.We offer all our traders personal service, ensuring that their trading experience is efficient and hassle free. We know what you need and are ready to serve you. You can begin by trying our free demo with a $100,000 practice account. Look at our resources, read our daily commentaries, sign up for a real online FX trading account and then start to trade forex


            0.5 - 25%               1pip             £0.10p         NO                 £0.00                 YES                      YES                     YES
Not to be confused with Financial Spreads which is a different operator. Currently running an offer where new accounts will be credited with £100 (subject to conditions).Finspreads is a leading financial spread betting firm, offering quick and easy access to the world's markets through online and mobile trading platforms.Whatever your level of spread betting experience, we offer all the tools and information you need. With Finspreads you can trade on the movement of shares, indices, currencies, commodities and more, across markets in Europe, North America and Asia.

                        3 - 15%                       1pip            £1                  NO                 £0.00                  YES                      YES                     NO    
Capital Spreads is a division of London Capital Group Holdings plc, an AIM listed Financial Services organisation. Capital Spreads' is one of the UK's leading financial spread betting companies offering great value for money and an unrivalled customer service to our clients.

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       .BINARY TRADING ONLY                     £100                                                YES
StartOptions, headquartered in the Limassol, Cyprus (EU) is an online brokerage company specializing in binary options trading. StartOptions accommodates retail and institutional clients, providing a unique experience of trading on a variety of underlying assets: currencies, commodities, indices and stocks.Our vision is to provide a simplistic and fun trading experience alternative, to the traditionally complicated on-line brokerage industry. All that by keeping transparency pricing, building a fanatical customer support and give you the option to practice free of charge.


                       1 - 30%                  1pip                £1                   NO                     £100                    YES                       NO                    YES

At TradeKing, the story about us is really about you. Since 2005, we've pioneered a new breed of online brokerage firm dedicated to empowering you, the independent, self-directed investor. It all starts with our groundbreaking flat-fee structure that doesn't require you to pore through the fine print to understand the deal. Then we add our friendly (that's right, friendly), knowledgeable client service people who won't rest until they've answered all your questions and listened to all your feedback. Our innovative social network of individual traders and investors help you hone your skills, find fresh trading ideas, and get your questions answered. Lastly, we work around-the-clock investigating, developing, and employing the very latest tools and technologies to help make you an increasingly better, faster, smarter trader — in short, to help make you a Trade King.

  0.4 - 15%               1pip                £1                    NO                    £50                   NO                            NO                 YES
ShortsandLongs.com is a trading name of Spreadex Ltd, a spread betting firm founded in 1999 that specialises in the leverage and credit area of the industry. Having been very successful, Spreadex decided to create ShortsandLongs.com in order to bring its expertise to a wider market. As part of Spreadex, ShortsandLongs.com clients can be reassured that they will be dealing with a proven market leader in spread betting and will benefit from the same exacting standards and customer service Spreadex has brought to the market for 10 years.ShortsandLongs.com is revolutionary within the Spread betting world. How? We offer our clients a FREE Guaranteed Stop with every trade they place. You can still enjoy the thrill of trading allowing you the opportunity to make a limitless profit with the security that you will never owe any money.

         10 - 75%                1pip                    £0.10p                 YES                £0.00                    YES                     NO                       NO 
IG Index is the oldest Spread Betting company and has been operating since 1974. We are market leaders in Spread Betting with the widest range of products, award winning technology and class leading customer support. 

                                      1PIP                     £1                      NO                  £5000                    YES                    YES                   NO
MF Global is the world's leading broker for exchange-traded futures and options and a leading intermediary in the markets for other major financial instruments around the world. We provide access to the world's largest and fastest growing financial markets through offices on five continents and affiliations with more than 70 financial exchanges. MF Global Spreads is a trading name of MF Global UK Limited and is authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Authority.

                 1pip                       £1                       NO                  £100                       YES                    YES                NO
eToro offers the most exciting online Forex trading platform. Launched on the 1st September 2007 eToro has quickly established a reputation as the most innovative trading platform in the world. Develop your skills using real market rates and win cash prizes in our free competitions. Meet and chat with other traders from allover the world in private or in public. With eToro you can trade Forex for free or for real money in a secure, user friendly and real-time environment


We are the best online fantasy stock market game or paper trading platform. With our comprehensive stock market game, you will learn hands-on, trading stocks the profitable way. There are no hidden costs, added fees or trial periods.  Play for free. We have given over $350,000 in cash and prizes. Qualify to win by just competing in the game. Learning by doing is the best way to learn. WallStreetSurvivor makes trading easy and has educational information to help you every step of the way


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